Proudly Canadian!  Owned and Operated by Licensed Mortgage Broker & Real Estate Agent John Avvenente and Operations Manager Roy Perreault, Your Money Matters is a dynamic franchise office of The Mortgage Centre; Canada’s most established mortgage brokerage network.

After several years of working in the mortgage and banking and market research industries, respectively, John launched Your Money Matters Inc. in April of 2011 with Roy joining in September 2012 to accommodate consumers’ changing needs and the changing climate of the mortgage lending industry.  Put simply, the banks’ lending guidelines were frequently changing which meant that consumers had to conduct their own research across many different banks and mortgage products; a very time-consuming, stress-inducing and somewhat confusing process for the uninitiated.  Without special knowledge or experience, a consumer may not have obtained the lowest interest rate, the best term or overall mortgage product to suit their needs.  Home owners and potential home owners also needed financing options more varied than what one bank could offer.

In order for consumers to obtain the best, most suitable and affordable mortgage products they would need a trusted and experienced mortgage broker representing them, underwriting, and negotiating pricing with lenders.  This would not only save the clients’ time, but money as well.

Upon opening Your Money Matters we immediately gained access to a vast lender network with broker-only channels offering unbeatable rates and unadvertised mortgage products.  This further strengthened our secure foothold in the competitive mortgage industry as we can now offer new and existing clients more options and innovative approaches toward obtaining financing.

Your Money Matters provides the highest levels of personalized client service; we are a uniquely talented and experienced team of genuinely involved mortgage professionals that work for YOU, not the lender. Feel free to reach out to any one of our team members for assistance with your mortgage financing and real estate needs.

John Avvenente – Principal Mortgage Broker, Owner

As Owner and Principle Mortgage Broker of Your Money Matters, John’s primary goal is to assist with the realization of your real estate goals by listing your property, purchasing the property of your dreams and obtaining the mortgage product that best suits your immediate and long-term unique mortgage financing needs.

With 20 years of mortgage underwriting, fulfillment, compliance, sales and financial industry business development experience, John is a powerhouse mortgage broker with a laser focus on mortgage underwriting, client service delivery and real estate portfolio development and management. Through a very simple and easy to understand step-by-step process, John and his team will ensure that you are making informed decisions by educating in phases throughout the process of obtaining the best mortgage product for YOU. Whether it’s the purchase of a new home, a rental property, a flip, drawing equity from your current property, refinancing your current mortgage, debt consolidation, or consultation regarding how to pay down your mortgage quicker and/or helping define your real estate investment strategies, John Avvenente is YOUR long-term mortgage broker and real estate investment strategist.  Contact John today to arrange a consultation.  Please call John at 416-407-8702 / 905-605-8885 or email

Roy Perreault – Operations Manager, Mortgage Specialist

As Owner and Operations Manager of Your Money Matters, Roy brings 30 years of Operations Management, Project Management, Client Service and Business Development to his role. Roy is heavily client focused and will ensure that your questions are answered quickly and concisely throughout the process of obtaining your mortgage product and purchasing or listing property.   Roy also spearheads our branding, marketing and advertising initiatives while managing brokerage operations and online endeavors.  He enjoys everything about the Canadian entertainment industries, photography, hiking, recording music, concerts; he’s also a foodie that can’t travel enough.  Sometimes, he even sleeps! Please contact Roy at 647-669-3337 / 905-605-8885 or email

Teresa Furgiuele – Mortgage Agent / Underwriter

With the always changing landscape of the mortgage market it is essential to have a mortgage communicator who is dedicated to keeping you informed with concise details and getting the best rate possible with clarity and understanding of the changing events.

Teresa has been working in the financial industry for over  20 years and specializes in commercial  and residential mortgage financing, first-time home buyers, debt consolidation, refinance, second mortgages and private financing.  During her tenure she has built long standing industry relationships and a powerful understanding of mortgage financing.  This enables Teresa to underwrite the most complex applications using sound judgement to both suit the client with the best available product and servicing her clients with an in-depth knowledge base from start to finish.

Following your dealings with Teresa you will want to tell all your friends and family members about her expertise and servicing levels which to her is the ultimate compliment you can give.  To contact Teresa, please call 416-274-8034 or email