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Are you self employed in Toronto, the GTA or any other region in Ontario? For self-employed individuals, getting competitive mortgage solutions is usually difficult. This is especially true if your business venture is less than two years old. When it comes to a mortgage for those that are self-employed, the main problem is the inability to prove one’s income. Your Money Matters Inc. understands the problems faced by self-employed individuals and offers affordable and flexible solutions that are specifically designed for such people. 

Unlike banks, both our loan terms and qualifying criteria are lenient. At Your Money Matters Inc., the funds offered in the form of loans are borrowed from banks, lenders and private sources. With our many years of expertise and relationships in the industry, we are able to negotiate through the stringent qualifying criteria and offer much more relaxed terms. 

Even if you have a poor credit score or are unable to prove your income, you can qualify for an affordable loan. We do not believe in penalizing people for their past financial troubles or inability to show proof of income. Our goal is to offer the best possible mortgage solutions to self-employed individuals. 

A Custom Designed Mortgage for Self-Employed 

The mortgage requirements of self-employed individuals differ from those that have a regular 9-5 job. We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all solution as far as mortgages for self-employed individuals are concerned. At Your Money Matters Inc., you will find solutions specifically tailored to your unique needs. 

Other advantages of Your Money Matters Inc. solutions for self-employed include flexible terms, competitive rates and quick processing. We make the process of obtaining a mortgage quick and painless. 

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Your Money Matters Inc. makes getting a mortgages for self-employed individuals easy. For further details on our mortgage solutions, give us a call at 905-605-8885 today! You can also email your questions to info@yourmoneymatters.ca.