Reason to Consider Private Mortgage Lender 

One of the biggest advantages in securing a mortgage from a private lender is the likelihood of getting better terms. Private lenders do not impose stringent requirements as in the case of banks. This allows them to offer more flexible terms. The qualification criteria for such loans are also minimal. This means that even if your credit history is not perfect, you are likely to qualify for a mortgage from a private lender. 

With our mortgage brokers, you can make the most of all the advantages offered by private loans and mortgage financing. We can put you in touch with a large pool of private lenders, allowing you to get a mortgage product with the best possible terms. We not only provide access to a large variety of home purchase financing solutions, refinancing solutions and second mortgages, but also offer expert advice to help you choose the options and terms that are the best, the most affordable, and the most effective in terms of meeting your overall objectives. 

We offer affordable and flexible solutions to all our clients regardless of their financial history.  So, even if you have a challenging credit score, you can turn to us for a home loan with the best mortgage rates in Toronto, the GTA and throughout virtually on Ontario regions. 

Easily Qualify for a Private Mortgage 

Obtaining a conventional mortgage loan from a bank can be a challenging affair if you have a poor credit score or high debt. A private lender, on the other hand, is more concerned with your home’s appraised value and doesn’t give importance to your income or credit history. This makes qualifying for a private mortgage at Your Money Matters Inc. easy and quick. 

Benefit from Relaxed Loan Terms 

As the funds offered by private lenders are not borrowed from banks, but from a large pool of private investors or from personal funds, the terms are much more relaxed in comparison to those offered by banks. This means that even if your loan request has been rejected by banks, you can qualify for a private mortgage with Your Money Matters Inc. 

Close your Transaction Quickly 

You can complete your private mortgage transaction within a week to ten days. No waiting up to three months to close the deal as is the case with a bank mortgage. Paperwork hassles at Your Money Matters Inc. are non-existent, meaning you can access cash quickly and comfortably. 

To discuss Private Mortgage Lending in greater detail, please feel free to call us at 905-605-8885 or send us an email at and we’ll arrange your free consultation. 

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